AWA The International Women's Club of Vienna

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AWA The International Women's Club of Vienna

A Brief History

AWA is the International Women’s Club of Vienna, with over 250 English speaking members from 40+ countries.

AWA Vienna was founded in 1924 by American diplomatic and military wives. In 1931, AWA Vienna joined the Federation of American Women’s Club, which became known as FAWCO.

The group briefly disbanded in 1939 and remained inactive during the War. After the war, during the Allied Occupation, American Embassy and military wives organized the Children’s Friendship Fund and used the proceeds from a thrift shop to help deprived and starving Austrian children. AWA Vienna became active again in 1964, with about 60 members. Today, AWA Vienna hosts more than 300+ members, and continues the tradition of women helping women.

From our earliest beginnings about 100 years ago, AWA has developed and grown, together with the City of Vienna, into the rich and diverse, cosmopolitan, international community. Common threads running through our history are: making friends, adapting to new places, learning about our adopted

AWA The International Women's Club of Vienna

Comments from our Members

"AWA Vienna has been a lifesaver for me since I moved to Vienna. It's been a great way to meet new people and get involved in the community."

Marie-Louise Member

""I've always wanted to learn German, and AWA Vienna has made it possible for me to do so. The classes are excellent, and the teachers are very helpful."

Sara Member

AWA The International Women's Club of Vienna

Mission statement

  • AWA Vienna: Promotes friendship, networking and an active lifestyle .
  • Provides opportunities for exploring and enhancing appreciation of the life and culture of Austria, as well as cultural exchange within our own diverse community.
  • Assists charitable organizations through financial and volunteer activities.
  • Promotes understanding of Global Social Issues in cooperation with the United Nations and NGO’s

Members of the Board

President: Naira Mazzini

Secretary: Laura Meszaros

Treasurer: Amber Bowen

VP: Sheila Hargreaves

Outreach & Fundraising VP: Bev Bachmayer

Membership Welcome Chair: Sara A.

Internal Liaison Chair: Julie Krejci

Weekly Coffee Chair: Elizabeth Koyama

Activity Organizers

Over 100 events every month means we have many volunteers that are leading these events.  If you would like to volunteer to start a new event or would like to assist in a currently running activity just send an email to